• Aggresssion

    Aggression is a guild formed in Guild Wars 2 in the year 2012. The guild was founded by Jericho, Juan, and LianYang who envisioned creating a guild based on fighting outnumbered. The guild was known for taking many with less, defeating its opponents convincingly in GvG (20v20 / 15v15). Aggression is the most famous and successful guild to have ever been on Guild Wars 2 NA. Archeage was the 2nd game Aggression played, with the same mentality we quickly established a name for ourselves on the server of Kyrios. The goal of the guild was not to promote faction v faction but instead take all players on, regardless of faction. We quickly made enemies with the biggest guild on the server led by the richest man on the server (TWO/Sorcerer). We ended up temporarily assisting Dark Ascension and Gank Bus in leading defense of their castle vs TWO. Later we would challenge every guild to 20v20 GvG's, defeating Mostly Harmless, EPK, Deathlaw and Gank Bus. It would not be long until the game became stale and dull, thus leading Aggression to move games to where we are now, on Revelation.

    Primary Play Time: 6-11 pm PST
    Aggression does daily raids where we go out hunting for PvP. Our main and sole purpose for playing Albion is PvP.